Businesses You Can Run from the Comforts of Your Own Home


Entrepreneurship is one the rise in almost every corner of the world. Many people more than ever are deciding to join the ranks of “hompreneurs” or entrepreneurs who are running a business in the comforts of their own homes and for great reasons. A person can be expected to have at least two to three jobs in their lifetime. Many who have experienced being part of the workforce choose not to keep up with the daily rat race. Others who have families are tired of missing the most important events and milestones in their children’s lives. Having your own business where you are your own boss can address most quandaries faced by employees—having the freedom and flexibility to set one’s time, place, and process of work.

Here are some examples of businesses you can run right from home:

Cleaning Service Business

There are a couple different ways you can go when you open your own cleaning service. If you need to work hours that others typically don’t like to, such as evening hours, then you will want to keep your clients in the office sector. Restaurants are another business that requires daily cleaning services, and it can be a nice way to land a steady client. When it comes to marketing a cleaning service, once you have a few satisfied clients, word-of-mouth marketing can easily boost your reputation and sales.

eBay Seller

If you have things around your house that you want to sell, you could put them up for sale on eBay, popular buy and sell internet service company. Starting your own eBay online store just one of the many ways you can make an attractive income online. Many people have made their hobby of selling unwanted items around the house into a business. It’s easy to get started as the website offers all the information you need to get your store up and running.

Jewellery Making


There are a few different methods of getting into your own jewellery making business and in turn, a variety of materials you can use. You will want to first decide the types of jewellery you want to create. This will allow you to build a plan of what types of materials you will need to purchase. There are many jewellery making instructional videos available online that can help you get started.

In conclusion

Before, having your own business and working from home seemed to be such a shot in the dark. Not too many people get to experience the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. But in today’s world there are more people starting their own businesses right from the comforts of their own home than you ever knew before. All it takes is some motivation, dedication and hard work to make your dream career into a reality. When you are your own boss you never have to worry about asking for time off ever again, instead, you make your own schedule.

For more, here are 8 quick tips to starting a business from home:

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